Bring 21st-century train service to the Berkshires!

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Passenger service from Grand Central Terminal to Pittsfield will promote sustainable economic development and make the Berkshires a vibrant model for the kind of rural-urban connections needed in the 21st century. Businesses offering professional jobs will be far more likely to relocate to the Berkshires when there is easy access to New York, and existing businesses, schools, and organizations will thrive. Please support rail restoration underway by signing the petition (on, and forward it to friends, family, and colleagues! The Train Campaign needs volunteers, donations, and sponsors, too.

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Passenger Rail Service to the Berkshires: An Introduction to the Proposed Service from The Train Campaign on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Bring 21st-century train service to the Berkshires!

  1. I need a map!
    I can’t even find a rail map showing what trains do exist, please tell me how i could get to the Berkshires now and where are the lines which need restoring.

    • Dear Jo,
      Here’s the MetroNorth map – the blue line (ending in Wassaic) is currently the closest you can get to the Berkshires by train:
      The new line proposed by the Housatonic Railroad Company would extend from Southeast station up through Connecticut and the Berkshires, the last stop in Pittsfield. You can see that map here: I hope that helps! Right now, if you need to get directly to a particular town in the Berkshires by public transportation, the only option really is by bus, unfortunately.

  2. How can we learn the planned route, and what can we do to support intermodal transport connections at the stations?

  3. It would be so practical, so helpful, so modern to have a train go through GB… something that would immensely benefit the community, and also the tourists. I have been hoping this would happen for many years!

  4. The sooner the trains come, the better! This could give our corner of the Berkshires a much-needed shot in the arm, making the area accessible to visitors and even encouraging folks to relocate, as access to city would be truly reasonable!

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